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 China Racing News is hopefull that we can affiliate with Racing Owners and Associations in Mainland China, England,USA,Ireland and Australia to bring our expertise in Horse Racing to interested parties. We will cover every thing required to allow you to make a decission in regard to a career in Horse Racing,

We will cover the basics of the Industry through to the guidance of individual careers,also what is required of you in this exciting Industry and the dedication needed to succeed in it.

Location and dates of available Workshops and Seminars will be posted when available and all registered members of China Racing News will be notified by email,and have first preferance to Workshop & Seminar entry places.




中国赛马新闻希望,我们可以联合赛事拥有者和协会在中国内地,使我们的专业知识在赛马给有兴趣的各方。 我们将涵盖一切所需,让您做出一项决定,对一个职业在赛马,我们








Career Pathway available on Mainland China 职业发展通道上提供中国内地

The Hong Kong Jockey Clubs Racing Development board have a very good career pathway to all aspects of the racing industry,from stable hand,trainer and jockey via the certificate 11 racing program. Those who pass all the subjects and show the right attitude will be indentured to the HKJK as trainee apprentice jockeys or an apprentice jockey. Over 300 people have gone through the courses offered since 2008 and the courses are also available on-line. China Racing News encourage all who wish to have a career in the Chinese Racing Industry to consider the offerings of the HKJC. The HKJK is known as one of the most successful racing jurisdiction in the world and from our observations these courses  are world class and the best available.Take time to look at the website and consider your options,we have copied the site here for you to know about,but you should go to the website direct from your browser,as you will see applications are now open.Good Luck to all who do participate.


香港赛马会赛事发展主板有一个很好的职业发展通道的所有方面的赛马业,从稳定一方面,培训师和赛马通过证书11赛事方案。 那些通过了所有科目和显示正确的态度将契约的hkjk见习见习骑师或一个学徒赛马。 超过300人已通过课程以来,所提供的课程,2008还提供在线。 中国赛事新闻鼓励所有人想要有一个职业在中国赛车业考虑的服务香港赛马会。 hkjk的被称为最成功的一项赛事管辖权的世界中从我们的观察,这些课程都是世界一流和可获得的最佳.花一些时间来看一下网页,考虑您的选项,我们的站点复制在这里,你知道,但你应该去的网站,直接从您的浏览器,您会看到应用程序现在都是开放.祝你好运,所有人参与。



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