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Above....1986 On the left is John Moore, preparing for his second season as a trainer, while second from left is a teenage Caspar Fownes, who had just started as an assistant to his father Lawrie (who is standing behind). Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Wayne Harris is on the right. Clearly, the short shorts worn high were in fashion.


.....以上的左上1986是约翰·摩尔定律,准备他的第二个赛季的教练,虽然从左第二是一个少女卡方嘉柏,他刚开始的时候是一个助理,他的父亲劳瑞(后面)。 墨尔本杯赛马韦恩获奖哈里斯的权利上。 显然,短的短裤都佩戴在时装界。

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