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2018 Melbourne Cup                     2018年墨尔本杯

Melbourne Cup won by British horse and British trainer for the first time.The coveted Melbourne Cup is heading to England for the first time after Cross Counter, the four-year-old bay trained at Newmarket by Charlie Appleby, stormed down the home straight to win Australia’s biggest race.Cross Counter’s victory was the first time a British-trained horse has won the race at Flemington, this year valued at $7.3m. The win also represented another first: the breaking of Godolphin and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 30-year drought at the race.

Appleby credited Sheikh Mohammed and his powerful global stable for the win, saying “they were all family”.

“This is everybody’s dream. It’s sinking in now,” Appleby said afterwards. “This is all down to Sheik Mohammed. He’s the one that’s given us the encouragement to take the chances in what we do.

“Internationally we have campaigned over here the last three years now and have been competitive but we have always learnt each trip what horse we felt was going to be needed on the big day.”

Cross Counter started at a $9 chance and initially settled in the second half of the field, but came through for victory, overtaking Marmelo, another British horse, in the last seconds of the race.Conditions were favourable for northern hemisphere entrants after Melbourne saw heavy rainfall on Tuesday which saturated the track, creating conditions that favour lighter horses used to softer ground.

“I am just so delighted. I can’t tell you how good it feels,” said Appleby. “He is a wonderful young horse. Coming in to today, this horse ticked a lot of boxes. I’m just delighted.”

Appleby, who is based in Dubai and England, had his first Royal Ascot winner in 2015, when Space Age won the King George V Stakes. The winning jockey, Australian Kerrin McEvoy now has three Melbourne Cups to his name after winning the race on Brew as an apprentice in 2000 and Almandin in 2016.

墨尔本杯首次被英国马和英国教练员赢得。令人垂涎的墨尔本杯将首次前往英格兰, 此前, 在新市场训练的4岁海湾 "十字柜台" (cross 计数器) 直接冲下主场, 赢得了澳大利亚最大的比赛。克罗斯计数器的胜利是英国训练的马首次在弗莱明顿赢得比赛, 今年的身价为730万美元。这场胜利也代表了另一场胜利: 打破戈多林和谢赫·穆罕默德·本·拉希德·阿勒马克图姆在竞选中30年的干旱。阿普比称赞谢赫·穆罕默德和他强大的全球稳定赢得了胜利, 他说 "他们都是一家人"。"这是每个人的梦想。现在正在下沉, "阿普比事后说。"这一切都要归功于谢赫·穆罕默德, 他是那个鼓励我们在所做的事情中冒险的人。"在国际上, 我们在过去三年里一直在这里竞选, 而且一直很有竞争力, 但我们每次旅行都学会了我们觉得在大日子里需要的马。 克罗斯柜台以9美元的机会首发, 最初在下半场的比赛中安顿下来, 但在比赛的最后几秒钟, 他战胜了另一匹英国马马梅洛。墨尔本周二出现强降雨, 使赛道饱和, 创造了有利于较轻的马用于软土的条件, 此后, 北半球的生活条件对进入者有利。"我只是太高兴了。我不能告诉你感觉有多好, "阿普比说。"他是一匹很好的小马. 今天进来, 这匹马勾选了很多箱子。我只是很高兴。 总部位于迪拜和英格兰的阿普比在 2 0 1 5年获得了他的第一个皇家阿斯科特冠军, 当时太空时代赢得了国王乔治五世选拔赛的冠军。夺冠的骑师, 澳大利亚凯林·麦克沃伊, 在2000年以学徒身份和2016年在阿尔曼丁的比赛中获胜后, 现在有三个墨尔本杯以他的名字命名。

Hong Kong Horses on the Move to China                          香港马匹迁往中国

Following the two successful shipments of a total of 35 Racing Development Board (RDB) horses from Hong Kong to the Conghua Training Centre (CTC) on 12 June (Tuesday) and 14 June (Thursday), all horses have been settling extremely well in the Club’s state-of-the-art training centre.

Mr. William A Nader, Director of Racing Business and Operations, after walking the training facilities and inspecting the CTC trackwork on Wednesday morning, had high praise for the training environment and the smooth transition of the RDB horses to their new home.

“The horses and staff have adjusted well to the peaceful surroundings and magnificent features of the new training centre,” said Nader. Most of the horses began work in the trotting ring or on the small and large all-weather tracks from the day after their arrival. They all look healthy and relaxed and you can feel the excitement in the air.

“This is another big step forward to a brighter future as we move closer to the first shipment of horses from Sha Tin Racecourse to Conghua. It is very special.”

The first horses in-training will be shipped to CTC in mid-July, with nine Club trainers set to move to a dual-site model at the beginning of the new racing season. The training centre will officially open on 28 August with a special ceremony.

The Conghua Training Centre (CTC) will serve as a world-class facility for the training of Hong Kong’s thoroughbred racehorses.

Over the last four decades, Hong Kong’s horses have been stabled and trained at Sha Tin Racecourse. To supplement these facilities, for nearly 20 years the Hong Kong Jockey Club sought additional land in Hong Kong. Eventually it settled on the site where it had designed and built the equestrian venue for the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.

Located approximately 200 kilometres from Hong Kong, the journey from Sha Tin Racecourse to CTC is about 3.5 hours by car and between four to five hours by specially-designed cross-boundary horse floats. These travel times, though new to Hong Kong, are standard practice in the sport worldwide, where horses invariably travel to many different racetracks in the course of a racing season.

At peak capacity, CTC could be home to more than 650 horses. Here they will have the benefit of a fully-equipped equine clinic and farrier forge, both facilities being significantly larger than those currently available in Hong Kong. A series of grass paddocks will enable horses to graze when rehabilitating or spelling, while a specially designed equine swimming pool will help horses maintain fitness.

The CTC will have four tracks – one turf track (2000m in circumference), two all-weather dirt tracks (respectively 1800m and 1600m in circumference) and a turf uphill gallop (1100m), which is the first of its kind in the Chinese Mainland or Hong Kong.

Owners can visit their horses each morning, or by appointment in the afternoon. An on-site Owners’ Lounge will provide refreshment and relaxation during their stay. Turf barrier trials will be held monthly and videos of these, along with daily trackwork, will appear on the Club’s website at the same time as trials or trackwork conducted in Hong Kong.     Reporter.. The Farmer

继 6月12日 (星期二) 及 6月14日 (星期四) 35 个赛马发展局 (RDB) 马匹从香港运至从化训练中心后, 所有马匹在该俱乐部最先进的培训中心。在星期三上午, 赛车业务和运营总监威廉先生在训练设施和检查反恐委员会 trackwork 后, 对训练环境和 RDB 马顺利过渡到新家表示高度赞扬。"马匹和工作人员已经适应了和平的环境和新的培训中心的宏伟特点," 德说。大多数马开始工作在小跑的圆环或在小和大所有天气轨道从他们的到来的天。他们看起来健康和放松, 你可以感受到空气中的兴奋。"这是迈向更光明未来的又一大步, 因为我们更接近第一批从沙田马场运往从化的马匹。这是非常特别的。 首批培训马匹将于7月中旬运到反恐委员会, 在新的赛马季开始时, 将有九家俱乐部训练员将其迁至双人站模式。训练中心将于8月28日正式开幕, 并举行特别典礼。从化训练中心 (反恐委员会) 将作为一个世界级的设施, 以培训香港的纯种赛马。在过去四年, 香港的马匹已在沙田马场稳定和训练。为补充这些设施, 香港赛马会近20年来在香港寻求额外的土地。最终, 它在网站上落户, 为广州2010亚运会设计和建造马术场馆。距离香港约200公里, 由沙田马场至反恐委员会的旅程, 约3.5 小时车程, 四至五小时, 由特别设计的跨境马浮。这些旅行时间, 虽然是新的香港, 是标准的做法, 在世界各地的运动, 马总是旅行到许多不同的赛道在比赛的季节。在峰值能力下, 反恐委员会可能是超过650匹马的家。在这里, 他们将有一个设备齐全的马诊所和蹄铁匠锻造的好处, 两个设施都大大大于目前在香港的现有。一系列的草围场将使马匹在恢复或拼写时放牧, 而一个专门设计的马游泳池将帮助马匹保持健康。反恐委员会将有四轨道-一个草皮轨道 (2000m 周长), 两个全天候的污垢轨道 (分别为1800m 和1600m 的周长) 和草皮上坡驰骋 (1100m), 这是第一种在中国大陆或香港。业主可以每天早上访问他们的马匹, 或在下午预约。酒店的贵宾休息室将在住宿期间提供茶点和放松。草坪屏障试验将每月举行, 并与每日 trackwork 的视频, 将出现在俱乐部的网站上, 同时作为试验或 trackwork 在香港进行。记者。。农夫


Mongolian Khan win in Australia for Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry CEO Lin Lang

林郎,内蒙古骑手马业首席执行官已经得到了回报他的耐心和赛车 · 考尔菲德杯赢 3 美元的 Million.Mongolian 汗从不朽的 Phar 膝部,赢得德比和 · 考尔菲德 Cup.Ridden 成为了第一匹马的大投入由墨尔本杯在 11 月的第一个星期二,现在将头 Oppie 博瑟姆蒙古汗国的新西兰赛马会林郎赢得大赛的长久梦想。祝贺所有有关各方和它是,中国是不断变化的赛车和养殖行业本赛季与新闻界发表的声明为中国马俱乐部赢得本月早些时候的另一个胜利。



Lin Lang,CEO of Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry has been rewarded for his patience, and Large investment into racing with Caulfield Cup win A $3 Million.Mongolian Khan became the first horse since the Immortal Phar Lap to win Derby and Caulfield Cup.Ridden by New Zealand jockey Oppie Bossom Mongolian Khan will now head to the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November, to fulfill the long held dream of Lin Lang to win the big race. Congratulations to all concerned and it is another win for China,s evolving  Racing and breeding Industry this season with Press Statement winning earlier this month for the China Horse Club.


China Horse Club G1 Win in Australia

    中国马俱乐部赢 G1 在澳大利亚

赛马会休 · 鲍曼后他万港元 G1 · 考尔菲德金币赢得对新闻界发表的声明部分由中国马俱乐部拥有。新闻界发表的声明再一次显示类和他适应性作为一匹赛马时休弓箭手当选为触摸走上前。从那时起他已经很容易运行并证明了远到强为其他赛跑者。他将很好地加权作为一个 3 岁的孩子值得向他的主人的数以百万计竞赛中是谈他在两个星期,考克斯盘子里去。但在中国赛车新闻,我们预计他将保存为另一年有裂纹在世界最佳 WFA 种族。他是非常有价值的赛马并段时间已不到正确的拼写。他有没有更多要证明作为一个三岁的孩子,所以考克斯板尝试或明年是明智的做法,如果他不到退休螺柱之前,将会令人失望但趋势育种美元,这几天像大多数业主现在这项运动作为业务现在运行。


Jockey Hugh Bowman after his Million Dollar G1 Caulfield Guineas win on Press Statement part owned by The China Horse Club. Press Statement again showed a touch of class and his adaptability as a racehorse when Hugh Bowmen elected to got to the front. From that point on he had an easy run and proved far to strong for the other runners. There is talk of him going onto the Cox Plate in two weeks, as he will be very nicely weighted as a 3 year old in the race worth millions to his owners. But we at China Racing News expect that he will be saved for another year to have a crack at the Worlds best WFA race .He is a very valuable racehorse and has not had a proper spell for some time.He has no more to prove as a three year old,so a Cox Plate attempt or next year is the sensible approach, if he is not retired to stud before which would be disappointing but a trend these days for the breeding dollars , as most owners now run the sport as business now.




Mongolian Khan   ( Holy Roman Emperor(IRE) - Centafit ) 

Owners.. Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry Ltd (Mgr: Lin Lang)  

has won the G1 Australian Derby on what has been a huge day for the Chinese Horse racing Industry and in particular the breeding Industry. 

Being wholly owned by Chinese Interests Mongolian Khan is most likely to spend some of his time breeding in both Australia and China.

It is fitting that his owner has been rewarded with success as he has invested large sums into the fledgling Chinese Racing Industry, as an Individual he is to be highly commended for his passion and confidence in the sport of Kings.


Posted by  " The Farmer"   6/04/2015




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